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A Simple Hobby Start...

Our original site started in 1999. It was about and for recreational small boat owners; a hobby site by the name of "The All Volunteer Yacht Club" (AVYC). Members submitted pictures and stories of their boats and jokes. I provided researched boating safety best practices. Each member had their own page. This was many years before Facebook! Happy

In 2001 several members asked me to add a calendar so that they, their family and friends could plan trips on the water.

I searched the Web for a simple calendar site with the idea of linking to that site. After hours of looking it was clear that my idea of a simple usable calendar did not exist. So, out of frustration and with a lot of trial and error, I built what I was looking for on the site.

Soon Yahoo, Google and several other search engines indexed the calendar and it started showing up when people searched for a "printable calendar".

Over the years, with the expansion of the Internet and despite the arrival of hundreds of other calendar sites, people kept coming to my site year after year.

To keep the site Our Honor System growing we opted to introduce, in 2003, a User Honor System requesting support payments from those who like and use the site. The calendar was very popular and our user base sustained us, very well, for many years. We will never forget those special folks!

As the traffic and the calendar type requests grew so did the cost of running and maintaining the site.

In early January 2013 , due to a large traffic boost of visitors looking for a calendar for the new year, the server we were on had become unstable. Over 8000 people visited our site in one day! That threatened the other sites on the server. We were shut down.

The only option available was to be placed on a VPS. A larger space on a private server which added hundreds of dollars to our expenses and stagnated our bank balance.

In 2017 the time had come to retire the Honor System and opt for an Ad Based Business Website. No-Frills Calendar LLC, was formed for that purpose.

The site has gone through several changes over the years to try and stay relevant to new visitors. Some helped some hurt. That combined with hundreds of other calendar sites that have arrived making the printable calendar pool rather diluted. Some of the new calendar sites are very good. They are more sophisticated in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than your humble old calendar builder. Happy

So this has been a wonderful 16 year journey and learning experience. We are adding calendars on a regular basis and I hope to see our reinvigorated growth continue. We will continue to build and produce our No-Frills Calendars that are simple to print and use with variations that fit your needs. If you have any comments or suggestions we welcome your use of our Feedback From.

Jim Kearney

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