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Why It's A Bad Idea To Put Your Things To Do List On Your Phone.

Contributor: Jim Kearney 5/20/2018

If you use your phone at work it may be useful for many activities but, I suggest, not your Time Management!

What must I be thinking... am I an old fogy? Are my Ideas old Fashioned?

Of course my answer is, I don't think so, but please read on and decide for yourself.

Oh Look Over There!

I once saw a one-man stage play in which the actor played someone who was a new employee up against a report deadline. He had locked himself in his bedroom in a effort to concentrate on his report. The problem was that he liked everything in that room.

Sitting at his desk, head in hand thinking, his eyes wandered. As much as he tried to concentrate on the task at hand he was inevitably drawn to various objects in the room. Back and forth he moved from desk to an object to inspect, move or play with. Then back to the desk only to move to another object. Once he realized how much time had passed, panic began to set in! He was running out of time.

Are you being distracted by your phone?

Your phone is your proverbial private room with all your nifty stuff; like all those apps and maps and social networks. And you get to carry your room to work. NEAT!

Oh, I'm Never That Distracted You Say?

No probably not. But even the smallest distractions that happen over the course of the day can add up to some real time lost.

Entering your proverbial private room to check your T-T-D list when you need to get some important things done may not be the best plan.

Your job, whether you are managing yourself or you and others, is to stay focused on the most important tasks of the day; getting things done efficiently and effectively.

My Phone is Really Easy To Use.

Yes your phone is easily pulled out of your pocket.

You turn it on, click on the proper icon, scroll to the list, select that list. Okay, check, you did do that, check, you did that. Shoot you were supposed to do that first. Okay you can delete that and that and move that up the list. You're done! Great!

Let me check my phone. I have it right here. Wait.... Umm, let's see, I remember getting a call at my desk and I must have laid it down. Okay I'll just go back and get it and check my list, "Hi Mary", "Sure I can help you with that". Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

"Tick Tock, Tick Tock." is time going by. In this case not to be confused with time wasted. Mary needed help with something that was important to her. The question is, how quickly can I re-engage with my current task?

" You're welcome Mary. Glad to help". Now what was I doing? "Hi Bob!" ("Tick Tock, Tick Tock." My phone is getting very lonely).

I'm Simply suggesting this

In my It's Things To Do List Time Article I talk about how to work productively using two time-tested tools.

A prioritized Things To Do List and an Index Card

1-Your Things To Do list can be built on your computer. In fact it may be easier when it comes to having your list prioritized. BUT PRINT IT OUT! Keep it visible

2- The Index Card is very important!

The list stays at your desk or workstation for planning and prioritizing.

From your list write on the card the top three most important things you need to stay focused on; until they are done.

The Index Card's best feature is how easy it is look at quickly getting you re-engaged.

As a reward you get to check off the completion of your task; then another and another!

I like My Phone, My Tablets and My Computer.

I'm using one of those right now. Each has its place in my room. Each plays an important role in my day. But not one of them is important to everything I need to do. The right tool can make a real difference. The right tool, when it comes to getting things done, may be a simple index card.

Updated 5/2/2018

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