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Contributor: Jim Kearney

In my early career my skills in creating lists, managing and effectively staying engaged with my plans, were rudimentary at best.

They were okay for just entering the retail business. After all, listing things, in any kind of order, and crossing them off as completed was satisfying but not necessarily all that productive.

As my experience grew, and with the help of some important mentors, I learned how to better manage myself and others.

Why using lists, every minute of every day, will help you be more positive and productive in your work.

  • Lists reminds you what needs to be done: If it's on the list, as long as you use the list, you won't forget. No wasted time doing busy work instead of that important thing you might just forget.

  • It helps you get started at the beginning of your day. You will be known as a self starter rather than waiting to be told what to do.

  • You stay focused during the course of the day. More things get done.

  • You get to prioritize your list: Making sure that the most important things are getting done first.

  • You are clear minded: Without the list things tend to get muddled and confusing to you and possibly others working close to you. That creates stress for you and most likely others.

  • Time flies!: You are engaged on more things during the day. It's amazing, when you are totally focused on on a string of things to do, how much time goes by without you realizing it.

    You will need to check your clock from time to time.

  • Sense of accomplishment: At the end of the day you get to see what you got done. Time for a little reward? You bet!

  • You know that tomorrow will be a great day! Because, when you go home, you will have already created your list for tomorrow.

  • Your home life benefits because your next day's plan is covered on your desk at work; it's not in your head at home!

Start making your list! Make it a habit!

My topics within "It's On My List" will be with the new and up-and-coming retail manager in mind.

However many of the management principles I will espouse are transferable to just about any business.

To those of you who have the responsibility of getting things done, and that's anyone in any organization, I hope you enjoy "It's On My List".

Updated 05-17-2018

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