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A Special Day to Share Your Feelings for One Another!

Contributor: Jim Kearney Updated 2/13/2019

My first memory on Valentine’s  Day was in grade school. I’m sure I or my fellow classmates did not understand the full meaning of the holiday as it was celebrated by the rest of society.  If our teacher had tried to explain it in those terms the look of confusion on our faces would probably be enough to for her to realize that was a bad idea. Of course that’s why she didn't’t do that.

I remember opening all of those envelopes with the colorful gender neutral cards that said some really nice things about me and that were very entertaining and simply made me feel good. I ignored the duplicate cards thinking that, well, they just had the same great opinion of me. I don’t know why I thought that since I gave absolutely no thought as the the cards I gave out or to whom they were delivered. My mother bought a pack of them, put my name on them and I passed them out when the teacher said to do so. 

But the whole point of the ritual was to make someone you know feel good about the relationship at whatever level it was at the time.

Today it a much different event for me. For example...

  • I buy one card.

  • My wife buys other Valentine cards for the family and, of course, for me!

  • I now understand the full meaning and importance of this special day.

  • I also spend some real time and thought into the sentiment written in the card and my inscription. Because my wonderful wife deserves no less than that! (she'll be reading this.. I'm not an idiot!)

Having said all that how did Valentine's Day ever get started?

Wikipedia has an in-depth article about Saint Valentine . He was a was 3rd century AD Roman Priest.

One widely accepted explanation about how Valentine's Day started revolves around Roman Emperor Claudius II during that time (3rd Century). He forbade Christian soldiers to marry in the Christian faith. Many Christian priests continued to marry those who requested the service and if caught doing so were punished severely to include execution.

Two priests named Valentinus met that fate.

An ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia was a celebration of purification and fertility held in mid February to kick off the expectation of a good spring. It was not considered a Christian holiday until Pope Gelasius in 496 established February 14th as the Feast of St. Valentine's Day to celebrate one or both Valentine priests.
also less clear is when "Love" for one another became attached to the feast day.

Today there is no ambiguity to Valentine's Day.
All across this great country and world, on this day, couples are getting engaged, getting married, exchanging cards and gifts of affection.

For those who live under a rock and forget to express their love for that other special person on Valentine's Day, as in the 3rd century, you will be punished!

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