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Frequently Asked Questions

1. The Landscape calendar I'm trying to print is printing in portrait.

If you select a landscape oriented calendar be sure and select in your printer setup box under preferences the Landscape Orientation.

Why? In many other calendar sites the calendar is actually a picture so it's possible for them to orient the picture for you. Our calendars are made of HTML code that allows the user to edit the calendar (see question 7). While our landscape calendars are formatted for that orientation you need to tell your printer to print it that way.

We created a YouTube Video that may be of some help.

In March 2014 & March 2017 We did redesigns of our calendar site and calendar menus. This video was produced in 2012. While things may look a little different the procedures are still the same once you you click on a Calendar Page.



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2. I keep clicking on a calendar month but nothing happens! Why!!?

1- Look for an open browser window that may have been minimized or for an open tab. All of our calendar pages open in what we call a new Print-Friendly Window or Tab (***depending on your browser and operating system). Once you leave an open window or tab it's easy to get a little lost. The effect is you click and click but nothing seems to happen but it does change in the minimized window or a not selected active tab.

If if the above seems not to be the case then a work-around is to (instead of left clicking on a calendar link) right click and select open in a new window or tab.

2- Have you scanned your computer for malware? Do this especially if you have downloaded an add-on tool bar from another site.

3- Lastly, if all the above is not the case, it is possible we may have missed a link. We will be happy to check that out. You letting us know does help! Please be specific as the Year, which calendar and the month involved. Thanks!


*** Each Month, form and One-Page Calendar is built by hand. (They are not auto generated by a program). Then tested using MSIE and Firefox to maximize print area.

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3. Why is there all that typing at the top and bottom of the calendar?

Top & Bottom Text

That is created by your print setup. They are called the Header and the Footer and may be eliminated by simply clearing those fields in your printer's setup box. Check your printer's documentation for the details.

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4. The calendar won’t print on one page. Why? or... The bottom part of the calendar prints on page 2! What's up with that?

Chances are you are trying to print a portrait calendar in landscape mode.
If you are trying to print a landscape calendar:

  • Make sure you have selected the landscape version of the calendar.
  • In your browser's print setup make sure you select landscape orientation (see question 1).
  • Note - Only a few calendars do not offer a landscape calendar. If the version you want to print only offers Portrait then a landscape version was not built; usually because of that calendar's expected use. If you feel that in a particular case that is wrong please contact using the link at the bottom of this page.

Other variables are your screen setup and print setup etc. Usually as long as these are close to default settings you should not have a problem. If one or more of the month pages print over to another page, and you have followed the print in Landscape or Portrait instructions, here are a few things you can check:

  • Your Browser's text size. (Default in MSE is "Medium") But it may also help to make the text size smaller. (Go to View>Text Size - A pop-up menu will offer different text sizes)
  • Check your setup margins. Default should work but making the margins smaller on the top and bottom should help.
  • Whenever possible use the "Print Preview" option in your browser ( File>Print Preview). Many browsers also allow one to scale the page to fit your printer while in the preview screen. It's a good idea to look for that option. It saves on a lot of paper.
  • Each Monthly Calendar, Form and One-Page Calendar is built by hand. (They are not auto generated by a program). They are then tested using MSIE and Firefox to maximize print area.

If any of these measures do not work, please write us. Be sure and tell us which calendar (Name), year and month is involved.

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5. Is there a way I can make the calendar pages bigger?

Yes you can! The two easiest ways are:

1 - Adjust the Left and right side margins on your print setup. The calendars are set to 100% to fit across all platforms. This, allows you to move the side margins to whatever position you want. The calendar page will always be 100% to what you set.

2 - Use the Scale Option by moving it up incrementally from 100% in your Preview Window or Print Preview. For example, using the 2019 Annual Calendar, we can increase it to 107% in Chrome Browser and 102% in Internet Explorer before in spills over to a second page. Using this method, as the percent increases, the bottom of the calendar moves down.

3- Some printer setups today allow for a "Fit Page" options. But the changes are usually minimal.

Of course if you want to make the calendar smaller simply do the reverse of 1 and 2.


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6. Can I edit the calendar and type information in the date boxes?

The answer is yes. Our calendars, unlike many other calendars on the Internet, are built with **HTML code, which is compatible with MS Word and many other popular text programs. You can save the calendar to your hard drive from our site and open the file using your program or simply use copy and paste to the program of your choice, edit it then save it on your computer. (See the Detailed Steps below)

** HyperText Markup Language

Detailed Steps

Edit in in Word

 Option One - If you are using MS Internet Explorer and have MS Word look for "Edit with Microsoft Word" under the "File" menu.

Option Two - Save as a file.
While you have the page you want to work with open:
Under File select Save As.
You may use the page title that shows up or rename it.
Select or create the folder on your computer in which you want to save the file and click Save.
(remember where you saved the file)
Open up Word or most any other text program select open file.
Go to the file you saved, select the file and click on open again.

Option Three - Copy and Paste
While you have the page you want to work with open:
Under Edit click on Select All.
Under edit click on copy.

Open Word or text editor and create a new document and place your cursor mark in the body of the document then under Edit click on Paste or right click your mouse button and click on paste.

NOTE: A moderate knowledge of tables and how they work in Word is helpful but most people say that trial and error works also. Get used to using the "Undo" under edit until you find your way.

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7. Is there a way to print the entire year without having to print each month?

For 2017 we have produced a year calendar that can be printed with one print command. This is a Beta Test for our site. With the ability for most people to print duplex Simply go to our Basic 2017 Calendar Page and select the "Print 2017 Full Year using Duplex Option or Single Sided ". Please let us know your experience with this new option.

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8. I like your Two Page calendars. How do I print each month face to face for a binder.

The Manual Duplex Method offers two Face to face pages of the same month. Your printer will have specific detailed instructions. This should get you started. With a little help from Print Preview you should have your calendar printed in no time.

  1. You will need a Cover page. You may make your own or we have some Annual Calendars that will work well. So go ahead and create that first.

  2. Make sure your setup is set to print page one first (Usually not the default. You may have to deselect - Last Page First). This is important. You will want the Title Page of January (Page One) to print on the back side of your cover page.

  3. Insert printed Cover Page face up and the top of cover should slide in the paper tray first. Close the tray and print January. (Tip: For a cleaner look remove the Header and Footer; see question #3).

  4. Insert page two of January face up - top again slides in first and print February. If everything looks good....

  5. Repeat Step 4. for each month thereafter.

  6. Let me know how that works for you.


Jim Kearney

Your comments / questions are welcome! You may contact me using our site's

Feedback Form. I look forward to hearing from you!


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