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Managing Time, People, Projects and Tasks in a Retail Environment

Contributor: Jim Kearney

In my early career my skills in creating lists, managing and effectively staying engaged with my plans, were rudimentary at best.

They were okay for just entering the retail business. After all, listing things, in any kind of order, and crossing them off as completed was satisfying but not necessarily all that productive.

As my experience grew, and with the help of some important mentors, I learned how to better manage myself and others.

While researching and developing a corporate training program my time management skills were put to the test. A small staff and a publishing date of 18 months seemed challenging at the time. Somehow we figured out how to get it done, on time and within our budget.

For another company and for the 10+ years before I retired I was fortunate enough to conduct seminars and workshops with store owners, their managers and front line employees around the country. I will always look back fondly on those days.

It's not unusual when a have a positive interaction any person in any store that exhibited a positive personality and the ability to engage with me, the customer, I will engage back.

  • Do you have aspirations for management positions?
  • If you do, do not keep that a secret.
  • Be willing to move for advancement.
  • Take business classes. Improve your skills.

Up until now, those rare encounters which may have opened a few eyes to the possibilities, I now have "It's On My List".

My topics within "It's On My List" will be with the new and up-and-coming retail manager in mind.

However many of the management principles I will espouse are transferable to just about any business.

To those of you who have the responsibility of getting things done, and that's anyone in any organization, I hope you enjoy "It's On My List".

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40+ Years in the Retail Industry for three companies. A national full line retail chain, a national general merchandise franchise and a national hardware co-op.
Managed stores from 10,000 sq. ft. to 95,000 sq. ft.. held positions of District Manger, Regional Manager, Divisional Director of Store Operations, National Training Manager, Corporate Retail Performance Consultant


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