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DIY Blank No Date Calendar Monthly Format

You fill in the Date Month and Year. Print as many as you need and have them on hand to do your planning. Easy just hit print!

Print it and
Fill it in Yourself -

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image Blank Fill it in Yourself Calendar

Euro style
(Monday Start)

Print it and Fill it in Yourself

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image Monday Start Calendar

One Month
on Two Pages

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Blank Fill it in Yourself Two Page

Many of our Daily, weekly, monthly, annual and our new project formats were suggested by our great users since 2003. They are DIY fill in the information that many people like to customize with dates, plans and information. Print as many as you like and have them on hand when you need them. Thanks to all who helped make this page possible with their ideas.

One Page Print Instructions

No-Frills Planners

Things To Do and Time Management Forms

Its Use for Your Time Management:

PM First Step: At the end of each day use a fresh form and list the top three priorities for the morning then transfer those items not completed that day under your top three. Place it on your desk or work station and go home leaving your work at work.

So here is the rule you give yourself in the morning - none of the top three priorities can be transferred to the next day.

Here is the reasoning....
Ever get pulled away from an important project and never got back to it until much later or that day!....? Everyone gets distracted in their job. The Challenge? Getting back to doing the most important priority quickly and getting it done! The key is staying focused and on top of the most important things of the day.
Then work the rest of your list.

AM Next Step:
In the morning, from your prepared list, write the top three priorities on an index card and carry it with you. After a distraction look at the index card. It will really help in getting you back on track quickly

  • Use this simple tool for 21 days and you will not be able to start your day without it.
  • You will be able to leave your day's work and not take it home. It's covered!
  • Your plan is ready for your next work day for a quick start!.
  • You will be more productive for your business, your boss, your success!
  • Save your crossed out lists of accomplishments! Plus they can help in understanding your workflow and future self management adjustments.
  • 6AM to 7PM Wide Ruled - Portrait : Landscape

  • Things To Do and Schedule Activities - Portrait : Landscape
    This form allows for brainstorming ideas then schedule through the day selected Items to move towards your goals.

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New! - Project Forms

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    Calendar and Form Print Instruction

    Click on the form you wish to print by selecting it with orientation (Portrait or Landscape ) A new tab or print friendly window will open. (depending on your browser) with your selection.

    Make sure your printer is set up to match the orientation of your selected calendar (Portrait or Landscape). Use "Print Preview" If you have it.

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