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2018 Julian Monday Start Calendar by Month

image of Julian Monday Start Format

This is our newest Julian Calendar and completes our existing 2018 Julian offerings. It is designed for those who, while it is their preferred format, would rather that Monday be the first day of the week and that Sunday be the last. We are happy to bring it to you.


Calendar Print and Edit Instruction

  1. Select the orientation (Portrait or Landscape ) you want. Click on a Month. A new tab or print friendly window will open with that page with your selection. You may move from month to month using the arrows "< >".
  2. Use your browser's print function to print the page.

  3. Make sure your printer is set up to match the orientation of your selected page (Portrait or Landscape). Use "Print Preview" If you have it.

    Any calendar on this site may be edited in Word or its size adjusted in Chrome, Internet Explorer or any other browser. Click our FAQ Page Link, found on this and all main pages, for detailed information.

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